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Doctor patients jokes

Blonde Couple and Pharmacist

Blonde Couple and Pharmacist A blonde couple – Brenda and her husband, Joe go to their pharmacist and begin to ask questions like if the pharmacy checks for medications past their expiration date and the reliability of a certain manufacturer that makes birth control pills.   After answering their queries, the pharmacist asks them what […]

Fitness Certificate by physician – Funny

  Fitness Certificate by physician – Funny The medics rush Mr. Steinberg to the hospital in the middle of the night, apparently with a massive heart attack. The doctors work on him all night and morning and finally discharge him to ICU, where therapy continues. In a couple of days Mr. Steinberg’s physician comes into […]

Doctor’s amazing green tea treatment – funny

Doctor’s amazing green tea treatment – funny A young woman arrived to her doctor with black and blue signs of beating. Doctor, “What happened?” Woman, “Doctor, I do not know what to do, whenever my husband comes home drunk he beats the hell out of me, almost killing me.” Doctor, “I have a really good […]

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