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Man searching his wife made confession

Man searching his wife made confession

A man enters a church and finds the priest.

“How may I help you son?” asks the priest.

“I am looking for my wife, she said she would be here but as I can see she’s not around. Now that am here, I would like to confess”.

They go to the confession area, “forgive me father for I have sinned.”

“What are your sins my son?”

The man replies,”The other day, I went looking for my wife at her home but she was not there. I found her sister alone, I slept with the sister.”

Oh, that is sin, but at least you came to confess”.

“Then another day I went looking for her at her aunt’s place but she was not there, I found her cousin alone, I slept with the cousin”.

“You know that is wrong my son”.

“Then the other day I went looking for her at her working place. She was not there, I found her colleague alone,..”

The priest interrupts, “Let me guess, you slept with her colleague?”

“Yes father”. There was silence after that.

Father?” Father?” Still silent.

The man peeps through and finds out that the priest is no longer there . He looks for him and finds him hiding.

“Why are you hiding father?”

The priest replies, “I just realized that I am the only one here and you came looking for your wife”!


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