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There’s gonna be big trouble

There’s gonna be big trouble

One day a mouse was walking on the banks of a river that ran through the jungle. He saw a Hippopotamus in the water and shouted to the Hippopotamus, “Hey you, come out of the water onto this bank, NOW”.

The Hippopotamus lumbered onto the bank as requested.

The mouse then said, “OK, you can get back in the water now”.

The mouse continued walking along the bank until he came upon a lion havingĀ a little dip in the river. The mouse shouted across to the lion, “Hey you, up here, on this bank now!”.

The lion was a little concerned about this ‘jumped up’ mouse giving him orders but he complied and climbed up onto the bank.

The mouse then said, “OK, you can get back into the water now”.

The lion shrugged and returned to the river.

The mouse continued his trip along the banks of the river until he came across an elephant having a good old soak. The mouse shouted to the elephant. “Hey you, Mr. Elephant, up here on this bank now!”.

The elephant lumbered out the water and was then told by the mouse to return to the water.

The elephant however was a little bit annoyed about having his soak disturbed so he said to the mouse, “What is going on? I’ve just seen you call the Hippopotamus, the lion and now me out of the water, why are you doing this?”.

The mouse replied, “when I find out who stole my swimming trunks, there’s gonna be big trouble!”.

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