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That’s nice, that’s real nice

That’s nice, that’s real nice

One day these two fine southern ladies were sittin’ on the front porch having some iced tea.

One of the women sticks out her hand for the other woman to see, and in her long southern drawl says “Look at this ring my husband gave me. Isn’t it nice?”

To which the other woman replies, “Oh that’s nice, that’s real nice.”

The first woman then says , “And just last month he took me on one of them Caribbean cruises.”

The second woman again replies, “Oh that’s nice, that’s real nice.”

“Well sweetheart doesn’t your husband ever buy you nice things or take ¬†you to nice places?”

“Oh”, the second woman responds, “When we first got married he did send me to etiquette school.”

“Why’d he do that?” the first woman asks.

To which the second fine southern woman replies, “Well you see, before, when someone told me about the jewellery their husband gave them, or the trips he sent her on, I would have just said I don’t give a fuck, but now I say

that’s nice, that’s real nice.

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