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Policeman asking funny question

Policeman asking funny question

A guy was stopped by a policeman for speeding, and does a lot of pleading, trying to get out of the ticket.

The policeman says, “Okay, I’ll ask you a question. If you answer correctly, I’ll forget about the ticket!”

“Agreed!” answers the speeder.

“Okay, you’re driving at night, and two lights appear in front of you. What is it?”

“That’s easy! It’s a car!”

“Sure! But what kind of car? Is it a Ford? Is it a Chevy? Is it a Saab, what?”, says the policeman, and begins to write the ticket.

“Wait! Give me another chance!” begs the guy.

“Okay, but this is your last chance! You fail to answer – you get the ticket!”

“Fair enough.”

“You’re driving at night, and a single light appears in front of you. What is it?”

“That’s easy! It’s a motorcycle!”

“Sure! But what kind of bike? Is it a Honda? A Suzuki? Is it a Harley?”

“How the hell should I know!” answered the guy, exasperated.

“Sorry, you’re getting the ticket!” responded the officer.

“Yeah, well okay. But let me ask you a question too then.”

“Go ahead”

“You see a bare breasted woman standing at the curb, bargaining with clients, what is it?” asks the guy.

“Oh, that’s easy!” replies the officer. “It’s a hooker!”

“Sure! But, what kind of hooker? Is it your mother? Is it your sister? Is it your aunt?

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